ECHO Magazine 1/2015

he issue of the magazine ECHO 1/2015, published by the Technological Center of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, published an article about Advanced Materials-JTJ and about the founding of the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic.

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Founding of the Czech Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic

Representatives of twelve Czech nanotechnology firms met in the offices of the CzechInvest investment promotion agency and founded the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic.  The Association intends to represent the interests of Czech firms and researchers in that sector on the national and European level, in the areas of commerce, research and education.  In the future, it desires to promote the good reputation the Czech Republic has in the industry worldwide and a more positive awareness of nanotechnology in society.  It will also concentrate on actively seeking support and opportunities for cooperation between business and research.  Founding members of the Association are entities from the business world.  Specifically, they are the companies IQ Structures, s. r. o., NANOVIA, s. r. o., nanoSPACE, s. r. o., Advanced Materials – JTJ, s. r. o., SPUR, a. s., NanoTrade, s. r. o., ASIO, spol. s r. o., PARDAM, s. r. o., Výzkumný Technologický Institut, s. r. o., HE3DA, s. r. o., JIMIPLET, s. r. o., a NAFIGATE Corporation, a. s.  The Technological Center of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic (TC AV ČR) has long cooperated with firms focused on nanotechnology, on the one hand as a place for national contacts in the EU framework program (7th Framework Program, Horizon 2020), and on the other as a place for supporting entrepreneurship and transfer of technology.  The TC AV ČR stands behind a wide range of activities and actions in the area of nanotechnology. Good examples in recent years can be found in its support for presentations by companies abroad (joint trade show booths at the Nanotech 2013 and 2014 conferences and at EuroNanoForum 2013 in Dublin) and cooperation with companies in organizing information days, independent conferences and seminars (a National Information Day on Nanotechnology, EuroNano Forum 2009, and the workshop “Opportunities for Development and Financing of Nanotechnology in the Czech Republic”).  The TC AV ČR also established the web portal, which links a wide range of universities and academic institutions with clinical workplaces, research laboratories and small and medium enterprises interested in transfer of technology in the area of nano-medicine.  The portal offers the possibility of connecting with the European nano-medical community and the European Technological Platform for Nano-medicine.  The TC AV ČR therefore welcomed the establishment of the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic and accepted with pleasure an offer to become its partner.  It agreed to all-around support of the Association’s activities and of the “Czech Republic is Nano” project (

What Nanotechnology Can Do

The firm Advanced Materials-JTJ, s. r. o., is an innovative Czech firm oriented toward nanotechnology and is a co-founder of the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic and the Czech Society for Applied Photocatalysis.  Since 2003, it has been involved in development and production in the area of nano-materials and their uses.  It cooperates in this with the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, the University of Chemistry and Technology and a number of other scientific research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.  Its participation in two international projects in the 7th Framework Program focused on research into practical uses of photocatalysis for cleaning air and water has brought concrete results in the form of new technologies and its special FN functional photocatalytic coatings.  These special coatings represent a second generation of intelligent coating materials with exceptionally powerful photocatalytic effect.  Several of the firm’s worldwide patents cover the use of special binding agents, which maximize the efficiency of the oxidative effect of the photocatalytic surface of TiO2 nanoparticles to theoretical limits.  The inexhaustible protective, antibacterial, deodorizing and self-cleaning effects of the coatings offer entirely new useful qualities.  The coating creates an oxidizing surface that is activated by light, breaking down organic materials into molecules of water, carbon dioxide and other harmless mineral products.  In this way it eliminates toxins, allergens, odors, smoke, greasy vapors, and also viruses and bacteria, while serving as an excellent preventative of mold and micro-organisms.  The company earned second place in the Innovation of the Year 2010 competition for its coatings, a nomination for the Minister of Environment’s Prize in the “Czech Head 2011” competition, a European Business Award in 2012 and in 2013 it received a special award for socially beneficial innovation in the “Czech Innovation” competition.  FN® coatings are available on every continent.  It will be possible to learn more about the firm’s other products, such as a new type of battery, at the For Surface and For Energo trade shows in Prague on April 21-24.

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