Another success – 2 scientific papers from our research on emission reduction and air cleaning

The company Advanced Materials JTJ s.r.o. in the last few days had another success.The diligent work of our R&D department in cooperation with scientists from the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences under the leadership of J. Rathouský lead to 2 newly published scientific articles in highly prestigious journals.

The first article Photocatalytic NOx abatement: The effect of high air flow velocity published in Environmental Technology & Innovation deals with the effects of different weather conditions on the effectiveness of FN NANO® coatings, especially air velocity and flow speed. The results demonstrated a high efficiency of these coatings even under demanding conditions. The results demonstrated the high efficiency of these coatings even under demanding flow conditions. A high effect on the reduction of NO and also NO2 was shown. The FN NANO® coatings represent a highly effective way to deal with air pollution from cars and industry. Clean cities can be achieved by mass application of this technology.

The second article entitled Photocatalytic abatement of air pollutants: Focus on their interference in mixtures printed in the Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, A: Chemistry is the culmination of a long-term scientific work on the topic of measuring and testing air purification using photocatalysis and the FN NANO® photocatalytic technology. Outdoor air contains many pollutants such as inorganic oxides of nitrogen (NOx), oxides of sulfur (SOx) and oxides of nitrogen (CO) and ozone (O3), as well as organic and carcinogenic compounds (VOCs). The study concludes that the removal efficiency of individual pollutants is not affected when the pollutants are in a mixture. Based on laboratory measurements, it is therefore possible to model the photocatalytic process even for real conditions.

We use these facts in our 3D models. We are able to simulate the environmental effect of the coating on the surrounding air. We can calculate compensation measures for small and large development projects.

We are proud the articles are open-access and can be read by anyone. Find the first article HERE and the other one HERE.


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