Using FN NANO® coatings you can reduce the risk of transmitting infectious diseases and viruses Right now we are focused on the rapidly spreading COVID-19 Coronavirus Effective from today, 12 March, 2020,, (mandated by the Government of the Czech Republic dated March 10, 2020) school attendance is canceled for 2-3 weeks as a preventive measure to prevent further possible spread of the virus. Schoolchildren and students spend most of their time indoors. In a normal school classroom students will be exposed to air saturated with pollutants (VOC) and various bacteria. They are all the more insidious because they are invisible. In fact, air pollutants are causing a wide range of health problems. These are classic problems, in which we are continually searching in vain for the cause:

  • frequent morbidity of children – a high probability of transmission of infectious diseases
  • decreased immunity, frequent airway inflammation, runny nose and sore throat, allergies, asthma
  • burning eyes, dry eyes or tearing eyes
  • poor concentration and memory, lack of concentration
  • headache, fatigue, irritability
  • dry and irritated skin

Of course, all the above problems can have a number of root causes, bad air can be one of them. Sensitive, immuno-compromised and children suffer most.


Protective and highly effective functional mineral coating specially developed for creating interior areas with maximum efficiency of air purification from pollutants, to reduce the transmission of diseases as well as protection against the build-up of microorganisms. The most efficient low-cost and low-noise air purifier from a wide range of pollutants and odors. Pure white protective coating based on nano-technology, which works on the principle of photocatalysis. It does not release any substances into the environment. Completely chemical free and contains no VOCs. Minimum functionality and efficiency duration: 10 years. All you need to do is paint the ceilings and wall parts of school buildings with our FN® photocatalytic functional coating, illuminate it with UVA light if necessary, and classrooms and other areas become cleaner and healthier. What are the advantages of a nano-coating?

  • It reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases and reduces the risk of asthma
  • Cleans the air of allergens, viruses, bacteria, toxic substances and odors
  • Highly effective against fungi and microorganisms
  • Prevents the establishment of viruses and bacteria
  • Effective prevention of musty and mold
  • Significantly reduces the build-up of grease from the kitchen and prevents odor spread in the dining room
  • It works as a noiseless, maintenance-free, economical and highly efficient air purifier
  • Ecological solution without chemistry – purely physical effect

This technology comes from the workshop of Czech scientist Ing. Jan Prochazka, Ph.D. and is patented worldwide. The effectiveness of FN® nano-coatings and the safety aspect are confirmed by many independent expert tests and studies, they also received a vast array of certificates and thus comply with the requirements of valid Czech – and European – legislation. It is a completely ecological, certified and non-toxic coating technology without the use of chemicals, friendly to people and pets and proven over ten years of experience. Czech TV news, channel CT24 recently offered a report about this technology: https://youtu.be/i0xhtQezp2c Together we can protect our health and the health of our children. Let us take preventive and effective measures to avoid any further attacks of viral infections.

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