Barrandov Wall – Five Years An EXHAUST KILLER

It’s not an exaggeration. Not only has this wall been kept clean for 5 years, it can clean air from exhaust gases and other toxic substances in the air.

The wall is coated with a special protective coating FN®Nano, Which Provides a self-cleaning properties and long-term protection against darkening Caused by dirt particles deposited in the air.The coating effectively prevents long-term growth of algae and mold and at the same time fulfills the environmental function – it cleans the surrounding air from dangerous substances and improves the environment.

The noise barrier is next to a very busy roadway, where approximately 30 thousand cars pass by daily. Dirt can build up on walls like this making them appear dark and soiled. And to prove that, the wall surface that is not treated with a protective coating is obvious. After just a few months, the color difference between the FN®-coated and the non-treated surface was clearly visible. Intentionally untreated areas (in the form of squares and vertical stripes in the photo) indicate a level of soiling today after several years.

And today, together with Czech scientific capacities, we can boldly say that the coating, even after 5 years, doesn’t lose the ability and efficiency, and even can accurately measure how much hazardous substances can be cleaned.

For a simple idea, scientists have calculated that the wall is cleaned daily as much air consumes 200 people for an entire year, or when it will transfer to car number painted these areas functional coating disposed FN® exhaust fumes of 28 cars with a diesel engine.It is as if we completely eliminate these cars out of service. And thanks to this wall “killing” five years of engine exhausts that each year comes from about 700,000 driven km. In five years, we have cleared this part of Prague from hundreds of kilograms of nitrogen oxides and other toxic substances.

Functional self-cleaning coating used on Barrandov noise barriers are based on a clean and ecologically careful physical reaction – photocatalysis.  Functional coating FN® utilizes the sun’s UV energy to be converted into and environmental effect comparable to a hot plate, which in itself burns dirt and pollutants.

Due to the extremely high efficiency of photocatalytic functional coatings FN® manufacturer can afford to provide a functional guarantee for this coating and long-term clean surface appearance for at least 10 years because the lifetime analysis is at least a decade.

Come along with us “kill” engine exhaust and grime; clean the air and make our cities cleaner and more beautiful.

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