The Czech Republic Has the First Hypoallergenic Hotel in Europe Treated with Nanotechnology

PROJECT pureSPACE Solution


Air that cleans itself, an armchair on which wear never is visible, a bed that doesn‘t collect dust.  This is what the Bílá Růže Hotel in Pisek offers its guests.  It is the first in Europe that can boast of hypoallergenic rooms using nanotechnology.  A nano-coating of TiO2 was applied in its VIP room and the beds are equipped with anti-allergenic linens made with nano-fibers.  The chairs and the entire bathroom are treated with a water-repellent spray.  The manager of the hotel noticed a change a few days after the treatment. 

“The air in the rooms is still fresh without ventilation, even when guests have left after a stay of several days.  “There is a diametrical difference from the other rooms,” proclaims the delighted manager of the Bilá Růže Hotel, Eva Marešová.

The bathrooms always shine, the armchairs repel dirt and the bedspreads don’t get dusty.  She decided immediately for the services of pureSPACE Solution, which offers complex treatment of rooms. “I myself stayed in numerous hotels with my daughter when she was young, and sometimes I was appalled at the environment in the hotels we visited.  That is why I am careful about cleanliness in the Bílá Růže Hotel and always try to improve our service.  I had heard about nanotechnology earlier and I think that the use of nanotechnology in hotels is the future,” says Marešová, adding that this year she plans to treat even more rooms.

A Hotel that Cleans Itself

“In the Bílá Růže Hotel we used the most modern technology.  TiO2 nano-coatings applied on the ceilings of the VIP room react to light and cause photocatalysis.  A strong reaction occurs, which breaks down all unwanted organic compounds that are found in the room,” explains the head of the PureSPACE Solution project, Lukáš Konečný.  Micro-organisms not only are killed, but their dead bodies are completely burned up, and moreover they are not able to develop resistance to the coating.

The bed was furnished with a dust-resistant bedspread, pillows and a mite-resistant mattress-cover using nano-fibers.  The nano-fibers have pores of only 80 nano-meters in size.  A mite is 420,000 nano-meters big, its allergens are 1000 nanometers, and they have no chance of getting through to the bedclothes.

The Bed Stays Clean and Free of Dust

A water-resistant spray coating in the bathroom is based on the principle of the lotus effect.  Despite the constant presence of dust, dirt, rain and other influences, the leaves of the lotus flower stay clean and dry.  It is the same with a surface treated with a water-resistant nano-material. The bathtub and sink in the Bílá Růže Hotel clean themselves and the chairs with water-resistant protection repel dirt, water, oil and perspiration..

Effective Capture of More Than 99,0 % of Germs Has Been Confirmed

“Our products were tested in some independent institutes, including the Textile Test Institute in Brno, the Technical University in Liberec, the State Institute of Health in Prague, the Technical and Experimental Institute for Construction in Prague, and the State Institute for Veterinary Bio-preparations and Medicines in Brno.  These institutes confirmed for us the 100% harmlessness and safety of our products, and also found they are very helpful to people who have allergies,” says Lukáš Konečný. In bedlinens the elimination of more than 99.9% of micro-organisms was confirmed, as well as more than 99.9% of dust particles.

The TiO2 nano-coating has been shown to have 98% of the theoretical maximum of photocatalytic efficiency, has been proven to be highly effective against mold, and has been confirmed to have a self-cleaning effect on bacteria, viruses, odors and allergens.  The pureSPACE Solution project is being undertaken by the firms nanoSPACE, Nanotrade and Advanced Materials JTJ, and is a part of the the project of the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry, “The Czech Republic is Nano.”


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