Projekt PureSPACE Solution pro zdravé vnitřní prostředí

The use of photocatalytic technology in the active coating PROTECTAM FN® is a part of the PureSPACE Solution project, which provides the most effective solution for a healthy interior environment

with the help of products using the latest findings in the area of nanotechnology.  It consists of a highly effective photocatalytic wall surface that effectively cleans the air of allergens, harmful materials and odors, and effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria. Nano-fiber textiles form a barrier to allergens from mites and a protective spray coating with water-repellent effect provides for the easy and efficient removal of dirt.

The PureSPACE Solution project is sponsored by the firms nanoSPACE, Nanotrade and Advanced Materials-JTJ and is part of a project by the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic, “The Czech Republic is Nano.”

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