Chinese Firms Want to Use the Photocatalytic Technology of PROTECTAM FN Multifunctional Coatings from the firm Advanced Materials-JTJ for Cleaning Smog from the Atmosphere

The FN® PROTECTAM active coatings can help China solve its problems with smog.

Cooperation between Advanced Materials-JTJ and Chinese entities on a project for cleaning the environment started in 2013.  It began because of the firm Nordmann’s Fir Enviornmental, whose main goal is initiating and continuing the work of Chinese and Czech managers.  The company is applying the results of research by Czech firms in the field of nanotechnology and photocatalysis, in which the Ministry of Environment of the People’s Republic of China and the regional government of the Chinese provinces of Szechuan and Shanxi are also cooperating.

The Vice President of Nordmann’s Fir Environmental, Martin Šiler, told Lidové Noviny that two pilot projects were initiated at the beginning of this year.  One pilot project was started in the capital city of Szechuan province, Chengdu.  The second was implemented in cooperation with the company Ansteel Group China.

The pilot projects were completed in the following months and presentation of their final evaluation took place during the visit of President Milos Zeman to China.

“The results of both pilot projects exceeded expectaions.  They showed the uniqueness of the applied technology in practice and its exceptional value in radically improving the cleanliness of the atmosphere.  We decided with our partners that the technology represents a real solution for cleaning up the environment in China, said Šiler.”  (Scan of the entire article from Lidové Noviny.)

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